Dear comic artists:

This is how you draw a woman in her skimpy pjs. While not a skimpy pj person myself, I know there are people who prefer them, and given Arisia’s general feelings on how much clothing she requires, this set seems like a good fit. Also note how, while we see her in a lot of positions, none of them are made of physics-defying poses to “best” showcase her assets. She looks like a woman, in her apartment, in her pjs. Her shirt stays in the same rucked up position throughout all the panels, and what cleavage there is comes directly from the way she’s sitting (I may have tested that in front of a mirror).

Not only that, but you’ll notice her tiny shorts are, in fact shorts. Not like the confusion with how Donna was drawn during Blackest Night, wherein I was left wondering if she was wearing actual shorts or underwear.

And, on a final note, thank you for keeping Arisia’s proportions the same in the pjs as they are in her top (in GLEW, at least). My god, it’s as though she’s a woman with smaller breasts who could conceivably wear a tank without a bra and have perky boobs!

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