I actually wrestled with posting these, as it’s basically the entire point of Cable & Deadpool in three pages, but then I figured it’s out, and it’s been out a long time, and I am least saving them until the end of the massive pic spam, so you’ll have plenty of other panels for reference as I talk about how important these pages are.

Picture #1 is Deadpool as we see him on page 1, issue 1. Picture #2 is about halfway through the series. Picture #3 is the very last page of the whole shebang. It’s such a beautiful illustration of what came out of Cable & Deadpool. It wasn’t just some goofy team-up stuff and fun plots and hilarity and fourth-wall breakage. There was growth and build to both ‘Pool and Cable, and there were consequences to storylines like Cable dying (he got better [of course]) and ‘Pool actually having friends who come by and watch TV and want to know why he didn’t go to the cool kids’ poker game, and you get, at the end of C&D, real closure on top of real emotion and real respect for ‘Pool as a character and not just as a character but as Wade Wilson, who’s just this guy who had a bunch of shitty circumstances and did a bunch of terrible things but who’s started to learn he’s worth something beyond his killing talents and worth something to the people around him, even if half of them are felons, and just flat out worth something.

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