I really thought it was satire

Seriously, when I first saw a reference to “trans-ethnic,” I assumed it was a joke from The Onion or something. 

And then I found out people actually think they’re trans-ethnic.

And then I fucking died inside.

I say this with complete honesty: If you are about to defend trans-ethnicity, get the fuck away from me. You are an asshole and a racist. (“Oh, my goodness! Look at those DIFFERENT people over there! I wanna be them!”) You already have a culture. If you don’t like it so much, fucking improve it. Or, if you are determined to experience a new culture, fucking MOVE. 

People who are actually trans-something generally deal with immense personal pain and introspection to understand why they feel they’re wrong in some way (and, I always hope, come to a point where they can accept and love however they identify themselves). This shit you’re spewing? It’s first-world problems bullshit jacked up to 11.